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Image by Luis Villasmil

Who We Are

A curious bunch.

Founded in 2022 by Josh Newville, we are career professionals from different walks of life - united by an insatiable drive for elusive answers.  

Image by Volodymyr Hryshchenko

What We Do

Podcasts and stuff.

Through podcast production and more, we provide forums for collaborative and thought-provoking discussion, research, and investigation.

"I am an investigator by inclination.
I feel a great thirst for knowledge."

Immanual Kant



Simply Vanished

Coming Summer 2022

Our debut project is an investigative podcast about missing persons. Alternating between serial and episodic format, we dig deep to tell the stories of people who vanished. Who were they? What may have happened to them? Why hasn't their case been solved? Join us in the search for answers.

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